Fifty Years of Liberty

Barun Roy

Barun Roy B. A. (Philosophy Hons), PGDCA, PGCAD, M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication), M.A. (History) is an Independent researcher, scholar and an author based in Darjeeling, India.

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A Poem by Barun Roy

Lots been written

and lots shall be

of the dead martyrs

and the gift to thee.

Statues been raised

and oaths been taken

of fifty years of Liberty.

But yet a bondage

has not been shaken

for the poor dies still forsaken.

From nails to chips

have been made

but yet we are poor

as can be.

Proud of our democracy

the largest one

but still can’t elect

an honest one.

Truly right does someone write

of the degeneration of the nation,

the youths are asleep

and least do care

the forces of evil everywhere

seems God has gone away.

Rise and see ye Indian souls

for yet there is time

to make amends.

Raise no statues

and take no oaths

Yet fight to uphold the Constitution.

Do your duties

and fight for your right.

So should be written

and so should be done.



All Rights Reserved (c) 2015. Reproduction without the Poet’s permission is strictly prohibited.


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