Fallen Cicada – Unwritten History of Darjeeling Hills now available as an Ebook

Barun Roy

Barun Roy M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication), M.A. (History), UGC NET (Journalism and Mass Communication), UGC NET (History) is an Independent researcher, scholar and an author based in Darjeeling, India.

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Fallen Cicada Fallen Cicada – Unwritten History of Darjeeling Hills is most celebrated book by Barun Roy dealing with the history of Darjeeling Hills. It is simple yet a fascinating book. The author has used a different approach in penning this book. The book does not follow a set chronology but is rather a kaleidoscope of various facts which places Darjeeling Hills and particularly Darjeeling in the unique place in the History of mankind. A must read for all those who have been to the Hills or wishes to be or simple wants to know something fascinating about the place.

The book now available in an Ebook version is now available for down at payhip.com. You can visit the site by clicking here.

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