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Barun Roy B. A. (Philosophy Hons), PGDCA, PGCAD, M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication), M.A. (History) is an Independent researcher, scholar and an author based in Darjeeling, India.

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1. The King Of Torts, John Grisham, Arrow Books ISBN 009941617 (Book Code: GRIS01)

2. Drink With The Devil, Jack Higgins, Penguin Books ISBN 0140269452 (Book Code: HIGG01)

3. The Bourne Sanction, Eric Van Lustbader, Orion Paperback , ISBN 9780752884202 (Book Code ERIC01)

4.  The Four Courts Murder, Andrew Nugent, Headline Publishing Group, ISBN 97807553324458 (Book Code NUG01)

5. The Hound of Baskervilles, Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, Penguin Books, ISBN 978140621876 (Book Code DOYL01)

6. Lajja, Taslima Nasrin, Penguin Books, ISBN 97814024011 (Book Code NASR01)

7. Readers Digest Condensed Books, Readers Digest (Book Code RDIG01)

1. The White House Connection, Jack Higgins

2. A Walk to Remember, Nicholas Sparks

3. Ice Reich, William Dietrich

4. A Place of Execution, Val McDermid

 8. The Devil’s Edge, Stephen Booth, Sphere, London, ISBN 9780751545647 (Book Code BOOT01)


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