designing a good advertisement for the print media

In January 1998, I set out to design my first advertisement for ZED Point. Then NIIT was a leader in Computer Education. Zee TV had just entered the field of Computer Education and launched Zee Education Point or ZED Point all over nation.

I was asked by the Franchise Owner of ZED Point in Darjeeling to introduce ZED Point as a quality computer education center. Since, she was just starting the center, she asked me to only use the logo of Zee while creating the advertisement. No shots were to be taken of the students or the facilities provided by the center.

I came up with a simple design. The first thing to be done was to scribble the idea on a sheet of paper and then work on it using a computer.

Today, when I look at it the advertisement though most basic in its form still stands out. The Zee logo much like a symbol of a superhero smack up on the chest is meant to stand out like a ‘Magnificent Emblem’ signifying power, permanence and authority. The slogan ‘Quality Computer Education’ running atop the address, almost overshadowed by the Logo,
meanwhile is meant simply to inform the reader about the place where they can get more information about the same.

Thus, the entire objective of the advertisement was to ensure from the readers of Beacon the following reaction – “How is it any way? Let’s visit and find out!”

After the publication of the advertisement on the first issue of Beacon (15th January – 14th February 1998), the owner of the franchise told me that many people said that after going through the advertisement they felt like coming to the center to find out more about the various courses and facilities provided by the center.

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