Ken Wosley

Portraits of Life’ is a collection of highly engaging short stories which are as diverse as they are uncanny. The reader will never be able to guess what the author is up to. And this is where Barun Roy’s mastery at storytelling comes to light. He keeps the reader engaged to such an extent that it becomes almost impossible to keep the book down without completing it.

The characters are also varied as they are realistic. A Soviet Army Captain fights the Mujaheddin in 1980’s Afghanistan, a street beggar tries to make sense of reality in Darjeeling, an Indian Naval Attaché juggles life and career in New Delhi, a school boy comes of age in Darjeeling, a Wall Street Stock Broker finds the meaning of life in Sahara, an Afro-American teenager questions life itself  in  Memphis, Tennessee and many others.A must read for all Short Story lovers.

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